Pro Tools 101 class

We will begin hosting basic, non-credit, Pro Tools engineering classes! The instructors will be Mixing Engineer/Sound Designer George Kelly (Art Institute of Atlanta) and Recording/Mixing Engineer Chase Van Leeuwen (SAE Institute of Atlanta).  This class is designed for individuals who want to learn basic Pro Tools functions for person and professional interest. 




In the front room of Sound Resort Studios

2455 Beecher Rd. SW Atlanta, GA 30311

class length: 

The same class will be taught 3 to 4 times a month for 2 to 3 hours to give everyone a chance to learn before moving on to the next class. So, basically it's 1 class a month!

class size:

At this time we can only accept 10-15 people per class. If you can't make the 1st class please let me know to put you on the list for the next class. It will be on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

How Much:



All you need is an open mind, a pad, and a pen/pencil. If you have Pro Tools on a laptop that would be great to bring also. 

What will i learn:

1st Class

Topic 1: Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and MIDI production

  • What is Pro Tools?

  • Digital Audio and MIDI Data

  • Multi-track Recording

  • Mix-down and Mastering

  • Sample Theory Overview

  • Software-based Virtual Instruments


Topic 2: Pro Tools Terms and Concepts

  • Pro Tools Data and Files

  • How Pro Tools Handles Audio

  • Mixing Concepts

  • Digidesign Technology


Topic 3: Your System Configuration

  • Basic Components

  • Pro Tools Hardware Configuations

  • Control Surfaces


George Kelly, Jr. will forever love Atlanta because he didn't move to the city with hopes of following his dreams; he and his dreams were born there. On September 15, 1981 at Grady Memorial Hospital, George introduced himself to his parents and everyone in the delivery room with a cry so loud he startled himself. He didn't know it then, but that was his first lesson in acoustics and sound surveying a room.  

George was raised in a family that is deeply rooted in the Christian faith. It was through countless gospel concerts and musicals that George developed a strong appreciation of music and a great respect for live musicianship. He and his 3 siblings attended church with their parents every week. On any given Sunday, George could be found sitting in the sound booth attentively watching his Dad as he monitored the mixing board during services. This planted a seed in young George, a seed that would grow to become the driving force behind many of his future achievements in audio production. 

George is passionate about sound technology. With over 15 years of professional experience that includes owning and operating a full service recording studio for 4 years, working as a monitor engineer at the esteemed Beulah Missionary Baptist Church for 8 years and numerous live sound gigs as a freelance "sound man" -- his desire to diversify his craft and venture into the world of television and film lead him to the Art Institute of Atlanta where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in AudioProduction. 

Currently, George does freelance Sound Design and Mix to Picture work at  Overstreet Post Production House in Atlanta, GA.  He enjoys living his dreams in the city of his birth with his wife and 3 children.

Chase Van Leeuwen is a Certified Audio Engineer, Artist, Songwriter, and Producer. He brings a unique sound, reaching people through his music and life story!


Born Chase Van Leeuwen, in Gwinnett County, GA. After dealing with his parents' divorce at the age of 6, he, his mother and younger sister moved to a small town in Mercer County, PA, where he spent his childhood. It was there that his musical journey began.


Chase experienced many challenges throughout his childhood. Some of his decisions as a youth, led him to a youth detention center. It was at the youth detention center, that he decided to enroll in music school. This decision would change the course of Chase's life, direction, and focus. Music helped to turn Chase's life around, and he made the decision to dedicate his life to his new found passion. 

Today, Chase (now referred to as Van) has over 13 years of experience in the industry. Van earned his certification from SAE Institute of Atlanta, with 2 recommendation letters from industry engineers, Scott Kieklak and Louis Alfred III. He has a strong support system within his hometown and abroad. He has dubbed the name #TeamVanFAM, to refer to his supportive friends and family. Van has also worked with numerous music industry professionals such as; Ying Yang Twins, Nino Brown, Mac Miller, Taylor Gang, Neal H. Pogue, Nick Chahwala, Soul Asylum Studios, Bravo Ocean Music Group and many more. Van is best known for the quality and care he puts into his work, his humble vibe, positive energy, and ability to accommodate any artists needs.

**There will be drinks and snacks served at each class**